Helping buyers and sellers in the greater Seattle area. 

I’m Austin Schneider, a real estate broker at Realogics Sotheby’s International Realty. I work mostly in the Seattle and Eastside neighborhoods and my clients range from first time home buyers, millennials (like me), families to investors and those looking to move to the area.

I have a background in marketing which allows me to stay up to date on the latest trends in the marketing space.  Especially digital marketing. I like to think i'm savvy, quick and approachable. Which is imperative in a market like Seattle.

What’s this mean? Technology comes easy for me. I’m quick to respond with little distractions. You want to see a house the same day? The next hour? I’m going to make it work. You want to use the latest technology to market your house to get top, top dollar? That’s me.

Out with the old school approaches. In with the modern new-school approaches.

✔︎ Quick to respond

✔︎  Tech-savvy (100% digital)

✔︎ Relatable

✔︎ Modern marketer

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In a competitive market it's paramount to have a savvy realtor on your side. Learn more about how we can prepare and execute proven strategies to make home buying a seamless experience.



Our extensive marketing plan is designed to drive awareness to your home.We strive to  take the stress of selling your home off your hands. From preparing your home for sale, to presenting your property in the best way possible to get you the most money.


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