3 things to consider when buying a home with a growing family

Planning on having kids? More kids? Chris Siegfried of HomeStreet bank JUST had a kid AND bought a house, so we discuss what to look for when you're thinking of buying a home with a growing family.

If you're in the market for buying a home AND in the market for starting a family in the near future, there are several things you need to look out for and be in consideration as you search for a home. Chris Siegfried of Homestreet Bank is VERY well qualified to talk about this as he just had a son a little over a year ago AND bought a house. We learn from his experiences and provide some tips for your search.



  • It's important to sit down with a loan officer to go over budget and your plans.
  • More importantly, be aware of the other costs; vacation, daycare, nanny, etc.
  • If you're not taking these into consideration, this could put a lot of pressure on you.


  • Depending on your goals; location can be important.
  • "For us, we were able to sacrifice on size for the short term while Asher gets a little bit older."
  • You may sacrifice size for location, depending on your budget.
  • Safety wise- are you near a park? On a busy street? Have your agent show you "family friendly" houses in the appropriate neighborhoods.


  • "When we were looking for a house, our plan wasn't to be there long-long term, so we're closer to work and sacrificed on size."
  • Long term? Is that the best place for you? Are you planning on having more kids? Do you want more space for the kids?
  • Take into consideration if you'll want a bigger house down the road. If so, do you need to search outside of the city?
  • Is there enough space? Basement? Where's the kids bedroom relative to the master?
  • Toys are a real thing and will get scattered throughout the home.

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