Do you even need a real estate broker to sell your home? | Featured on KING 5 TV

Do you even NEED a Real Estate agent anymore?

In a hot market, like Seattle, homes are absolutely flying off of the shelf. But, does this mean you even need a real estate agent? I was given the opportunity to chime in on a hot topic regarding this.


It totally depends on your situation. Yes, we're in a hot market and yes there are a LOT of buyers in this market that probably want a house that you have to sell. Does this mean you should do it yourself? Does this mean you'll actually get ALL the money you could for it? I have absolutely nothing against trying to go for it on your own, but as a seller, it could cost you more than just a bit of a commission. In a past blog of mine, I mapped out 7 dangers of selling without a broker but let me quickly address a few additional points. 

Firstly, is your home REALLY prepared to sell for optimal price? When working with sellers, I typically have a few weeks leading up to the ACTUAL listing of the home which involves getting the home prepared. This delicate process includes an ADVISOR role, where we coordinate what work should be done so it's attractive to the most amount of buyers. In addition, there's an extensive and thoughtful marketing plan outside of just "listing it" that get's you optimal exposure, gets YOU the most money; and typically, it's a LOT more than what you'll be "saving."

Take for instance - the last listing that Dave Janssens and I had that's currently pending.  We advised and coordinated what work would make the home most attractive to these buyers, we coordinated staging for the home, and we invested in and executed an extensive marketing plan. We reached tens of thousands of qualified potential buyers through our marketing plan, coordinated all of the showings, had over 200+ people at our open houses, that at the end of the day is going to make this seller a LOT more than they would have if they weren't advised accordingly (and a lot more than a savings with a discount broker). 

Secondly, when you put a house for sale by owner, you're essentially inviting the general public into your house. Hopefully all for good intentions, but there's not much of a filter for you and your safety. Do you know who's coming into your house? How are these people being vetted? 

Finally, don't you want to hire someone that wants to negotiate the highest price on your behalf? If I have skin in the game and more incentive (a higher commission) to get you the most money, I will do everything I can to get you the most money. When hiring someone that looks at your home as a "transaction" or selling at a discount -- are they going to discount their effort and be "on to the next one?" Are they going to ALWAYS be available outside of traditional business hours? What kind of service experience do YOU want?

While saving a little bit of money can be very attractive, most of the time (speaking from experience), you'll NET more at the end of the day, as long as the process is done right. Most homes listed for sale by owner are priced incorrectly (too high or too low) and it's a lot more work than what you may be expecting. If you're looking to "just get the property off of your hands," then a transaction based company could be an OKAY fit for you. 

If you're really looking to get the most money from your home, take the emotional attachment out of it and let the experts do the work for you. It'll save you time, hassle, and likely make you more money. I recommend talking to a few real estate agents because at the end of the day, it matters WHO you choose when deciding to sell your home. Take your time to interview a couple of agents to understand their process, how they can help reach your goals, and their firm. I'm fortunate at Realogics Sotheby's International Realty to have access to an arsenal of exclusive marketing avenues that we're able to utilize for our sellers to get them maximum exposure. 

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