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This past weekend, I was honored to join good friend Darol Tuttle, the Northwest’s premiere asset protection attorney on his radio show the "BoomX Show!" We talked briefly about downsizing trends, aging at home, what's going on with the market in Seattle, if it's a good time to sell, and the steps to take to ensure top dollar if you do decide to sell!



  • 9:26: Downsizing/Aging at Home Trends- There is a trend in downsizing. Their kids are going to college or reaching the age where they're just getting going in their professional careers. From this, the parents no longer see the need for 4,000sq' and want to move into their "last home" that's more walkable and closer to the amenities that they enjoy. Another trend is that people are tired of maintaining such a large space and want to either move to a smaller lot or condo. Little to no maintenance, community, and a way for people to truly retire. The baby boomers are the largest cohort, so this will likely continue for the long haul. And hopefully the market will adapt. 


  • 40:00: What is going on with prices? Is it a good time to sell?- We are coming on the 9th month in a row as the hottest market in the nation. Double what the nations average is! The reason? Job growth and the unemployment rate being practically zero. These people need a place to live and are contributing to the home prices going up. Is it a good time to sell? Yes, if it works with your lifestyle.


  • 42:30:What is the next step if you want to sell? - Find out where you want to go and most importantly prepare your home for sale, in order to get optimum price. Some think "I can just put a sign in my front yard and i'll get 100 offers, $1,000,000 over ask, all cash etc," but it doesn't work like that. It takes the proper preparation, staging, photos, and marketing to get you TOP dollar. It takes modern marketing approaches, digital marketing strategies, and more. And if the most money for your home is what you want, this is the reality of what it takes. 

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Like it or not, Americans face various threats to their hard earned wealth.  These include unnecessary taxation, high probate costs, volatile financial markets and, the worst, the staggering cost of long-term care.  That is where the BoomX Show helps.  Every Saturday from 2:00-4:00 pm, BoomX Show host Darol Tuttle, the Northwest’s premiere asset protection attorney, offers tips and strategies to the Baby Boom and X generation on how to meet these financial threats.

BoomX Show is LIVE and listeners are encouraged to call in and ask questions.  During the show, listeners can call (877) 397-5666.

There is only so much you can learn from the radio show, we have offer live classes from time to time in various locations. The workshops are FREE and last no more than one and a half hours.


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