Should you STAGE your home? Here's some before and afters a home we recently staged and sold...

Should you stage your home? This was one of the many things we did before selling this property. Other items included paint and handyman items around the home to get it prepared.  It's easy to want to just put your home on the market, especially in a hot market, and pray that it sells quickly for the price you want. But, is that's what's going to optimize your presentation AND price? Probably not. 

I almost always reccommend staging a property before it goes on the market, here's why...


1. It will appeal to the most amount of people

Stagers do a really good job using the neutral furniture that's trendy, in, and appeals to the most amount of people. They're very good at making the space look big, open, and inviting. From the video above, you can see that this home was vacant and the staging they did include was in fact neutral, minimal, yet inviting. The feedback from just about everyone was amazing and even had potential buyers asking where we got the furniture because they loved it so much! Let's get rid of your personal items before selling and stick with the minimal. Less clutter, more space. 

2. Presentation Matters

Even in a hot market, presentation matters. Especially in Seattle, we have a LOT of buyers, due to our booming population and job market. Yes, this makes it easier to sell homes, but if your attention isn't on the presentation, how can you optimize the final sales price? If we have a ton of buyers (like we do), you want to be the standout home that EVERYONE wants to see. This will draw the attention to YOUR home and offers to YOUR home. Not the other home with the yellow walls and beat up furniture, or personal items. 

3. The result?

We were able to set a record breaking price in this community (Tamarack Village). I've seen several homes in the neighborhood and by far this looked the best. 


Do you have any questions about how to get your home prepared for sale? Don't hesitate to reach out, i'd be happy to answer them for you.

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