The TRUTH about needing 20% down in the Seattle area [VIDEO RECAP]

Do you really need 20% down? What are the options? How do I compete?

There's so much media about how hot the Seattle market is; "it's impossible to buy, it's impossible to compete in the market." The truth is, it IS possible. And we want to make you feel less intimidated. There are strategies to get you to win in a competitive market and loan officers and agents that can help.

Chris Lord of Caliber Home Loans and I discuss options and bring light to different options. 


Austin: Do I need 20% down to buy a house?

Chris: Absolutely not. 

Austin: What are the options 

Chris: We have multiple programs, you can have as little as 0% down, 3%, 5%, 10% down and that's even on Jumbo loans.

Austin: Especially in this market, with a lot of buyers, not a lot of inventory, and a lot of competition - and sometimes the competition breeds cash offers. How does a loan from Caliber compete?

Chris: We've won offers, you and I, when we're not putting 20% down. It all comes down to how it's teed up. 

Austin: Yes, and as agents, we have the strategies to ensure it's presented correctly. So Chris, it's really; don't be intimidated to bring yourself into the housing market and there are options without needing 20% down. 

Chris: Exactly. Pre underwrite it, and get the buyer in the house. 

Austin: Yes, it's what we do!

Have you lost out on offers in this market? Do you have questions about buying in this market? 

Reach out, we can help you. 

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