How to COMFORTABLY waive contingencies in a crazy housing market

Waiving contingencies and feeling OK about it! 

In a hot market, waiving contingencies as a buyer is becoming the norm. Yes, it can be very risky to waive contingencies as a buyer. You could risk earnest money or buying a house with expensive problems. So, how do you waive these and feel OK about doing so? Chris Lord of Caliber Home Loans and I go through three contingencies and how you can waive them comfortably.



  • An inspection contingency gives the buyers a right to get the home inspected within a specific amount of time. Then, make the home sale contingent on the inspection checking out. Or, the buyer can use the inspection as a negotiation tool (if there's something wrong). 
  • So, how can you waive this to avoid buying a house that needs a ton of work? Do a pre-inspection. This is an inspection done before you write an offer. See the house immediately and figure out if there's work that needs to be done and if you can cope with it. If you can't, then you don't have to put an offer in. 
  • By doing a pre inspection, you can go into the offer with the contingency WAIVED!


  • The financing contingency makes the sale contingent on the ability for the BUYER to secure financing for the house. Typically a buyer uses this to get a set period of time to apply for a mortgage and/or close on the loan.
  • So, how can you waive this with confidence? The most important thing is having a good lending team on your side. Someone like Chris Lord of Caliber Home Loans. They will ensure you're pre underwritten and prepared. If there's any question on the loan, it's not worth waiving. But, if we're confident and prepared, we can. 


  • The title contingency ensures that you're buying the home FREE and CLEAR of any encumbrances and proves that they're the legal seller. 

  • So, how do you waive this? Simply have your realtor reach out to their title rep, to see if there are any "red flags" that they notice. Or if preliminary title is ordered, you can review that as well. 

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