Your biggest day of your life and the largest investment of your life...at the SAME TIME. Here's how to do it: 

Buying a home is likely the largest investment of your life. A wedding is likely the most IMPORTANT day of your life. Each take time, commitment, and of course money. 

So, how do you plan a wedding, home shop, and stay sane and NOT spend an arm and a leg? Reneille of Cake and Lace Seattle and I explain:

1. Be Realistic

Austin: It's so important to be realistic about your home search. Be realistic about PRICING and what's truly in the marketplace. Especially in Seattle's fast moving market, know what you're willing to compromise on, whether that's square footage, location, etc. Also, be realistic about your timing. Again, Seattle moves quick - that doesn't mean you have to. 

What I like to do is sit down with my potential buyers and set the expectations early on, based off what they're looking for. 

Reneille: Being realistic with your Wedding Budget can absolutely relieve stress during the wedding planning process. With the average wedding in Bellevue, Washington nearing $40,000, how you slice up that budget is very important. Determining a percentage dedicated to catering, to a venue, to photography, etc. should be outlined at the beginning of your planning process. As you shop around to fill that budget, you’ll know exactly what your limits are and if you really want to book a particular photography who is just a smidge over your budget, you’ll learn to remove some funds from another part of planning. And just like in real estate, location can help steer where the remainder of your budget falls as some venues in the Seattle/Kirkland area are more expensive than others. Realistic estimates of each category of the wedding process is the first step of your planning.

2. Plan Ahead 

Austin: You can NEVER be too prepared to buy a home, seriously. What this means by "planning ahead" is to have conversations early on to get your finances in order, usually achieved by talking to a lender. Also, sit down with a real estate agent so you can know what it takes to purchase a home in the market you're in. What I like to do is help my clients "build their gut." This is done by sending them properties that have sold in their criteria as well as seeing a LOT of homes. This helps my clients understand what's in the marketplace and can feel good about how they want to proceed. 

Reneille: True or False: You have to plan your entire wedding the first two weeks of your engagement. The answer is False! Creating a 12-Month Checklist for your wedding will help you budget and plan all the duties you’ll need to knock out between the second you say “Yes” to the moment you say “I do”. Work with a wedding planner to determine what tasks of a wedding should be spaced in the first 3 months, 6 months, etc. One month you’ll be working on finding the perfect wedding dress and the next month, you’ll have fun doing cake tastings with your pastry chef. A 12-Month Checklist will also help you plan ahead with your budget such as when payments are due, when deposits are due, etc. Spacing out your 12-Month Checklist is key to make the planning process as easy as possible.

3. Be Patient

Austin: BE PATIENT. Especially in Seattle, it's a fast moving market. Don't get too eager, a sense of "fomo," and jump right into the first house you see. Really take your time to build your gut to understand what is in the marketplace. This will help you feel good about your purchase. 

Reneille: Take your time finding the right fit for all aspects of your special day – tour as many venues on your list and taste as many wedding cakes as you’d like. Consultations are also huge as couples should ideally hire the right personally along with the right price! Similar to a home, tour the right venue and take your time finding the right photographer. Study and watch different styles of wedding videos, interview more than just one wedding planner and of course, don’t make rush decisions on any aspect of your special day unless it feels absolutely right.

In conclusion...

What better TIMING to BUY a home around your wedding, when you can get plenty of registry gifts for the new home!

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